Hi Mamas. I'm Erika. I live in Southern California (for now) with my husband Aaron, our little one Addison and our two fur pups, Sophie and Jax. My husband is in the military, so every few years our location can change! Currently, we are living the nomad life in our camper and traveling as much as military life will allow; so, I hope that I can bring a level of knowledge and personal experience to pediatric sleep during travel!

I have a Bachelors in Special Education, a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Post-Masters Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. For the past 10+ years I have worked with children in some facet from the classroom to private practice. 

In the beginning of my motherhood journey, I thought I had a unicorn baby!  By 8 weeks my daughter was sleeping 6+ hour stretches at night and I thought that we had escaped all I had been told to except with infant sleep. Then the four month sleep "regression" (what I now know is actually a progression!) hit and everything changed. So much of society was telling me that I needed to sleep train our daughter, but in my gut it just did not feel right. During a few nights of middle of the night wakes and social media rabbit holes, I stumbled across the Baby-Led Sleep Approach and immediately felt connected to the philosophies of the program and what it stood for. What started as a search for my own parenting needs has quickly morphed into a passion for helping other families.

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